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NEW at ASOM!    Curriculum Designed Specifically for 4 & 5 Year Olds!

PianoToons is an exciting, educational, fun-filled, hands-on piano program for children ages 4 & 5.
The program offers small group piano lessons (maximum of 6 students per class) for eager 4 & 5 year olds who are excited to play the piano, but are not quite ready for private lessons.

ONLY $74 per month!

PianoToons is the ONLY piano-based preschool music program in the area! This unique and wonderful exploration of music, rhythm and sound will provide your child with the knowledge and ability to:
- Read notes & identify them on the piano
- Identify beat values of different notes and rests
- Assume proper hand position on keys & scale fingering
- Play simple songs
- Compose simple songs

PianoToons choice of 2 class days: Wed or Sat.

PianoToons classes provide:
- Repetition that reinforces learning
- Rhythmic beats that enhance coordination
- Patterns that help in anticipating what comes next
- Melodies that capture the students’ attention and hearts in enjoyment
- Activities & movement that make learning interactive and FUN!

PianoToons develops:
- verbal skills
- musical skills
- academic skills
- socialization skills
- artistic appreciation
- emotional well-being
- physical coordination, awareness and balance
- relationship skills such as sharing and taking turns
- listening skills

PianoToons details:
- Classes held at Alhambra School of Music
- Ages 4 & 5 - Maximum of 6 students in each clas s
- Class duration: 30 minutes
- Tuition monthly: $74 Contact us for more information or to enroll your child today!

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